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Q - If I have a three day music ticket and camping ticket and I am riding with friends who have the same and a vehicle ticket, do I need anything else?
A - No, welcome to WE Fest.

Q - If I have a complimentary or promotional ticket, and I do not have a camping ticket or vehicle ticket, what should I do?
A - Call us or go to our online ticket store and order your vehicle permit immediately, ASAP, campground vehicle permits are selling fast.

Q - When will I receive my tickets?
A - All tickets will be mailed out during the last week of June/first week of July. If you don't receive your tickets by mid July, please call the WE Fest ticket office at 800-493-3378/218-847-1340.


Q - Where is the site located? Can you give me directions from… ?
A - The WE FEST Amphitheater is on the Soo Pass Ranch, 4 miles south of Detroit Lakes Minnesota on MN Highway 59. See our directions page for a map and more details.


Q - Can we leave the festival grounds and re-enter?
A - Yes, but we don't encourage you to leave your camping spot with your vehicle. Once you are in we encourage you to stay in.
WE provide a shuttle bus service that is free Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 10am to 6pm. It loads just outside the West Gate in the North portion of the Shuttle bus area. The bus pick-ups up and drops off at the Fairgrounds near the Beach and restaurants and also Downtown where you can access clothing, banks, groceries, adult beverages and the hospital all within walking distance.

Q - What will you be providing at the campgrounds?
A - There will be bathrooms, hand wash stations, potable water and showers.

Q - What emergency services will be available on site? What should I do if I need emergency assistance (medical, police, towing, locksmith, etc.)?
A - There will be 24-hour security, locksmith and EMT's.

Q - Will pets be allowed in the venue / camp grounds?

Q - What is the largest size RV allowed in the campgrounds?
- There is no limit on the size of RV's that we allow EXCEPT in the Northwoods campground where the maximum length is 20 feet, a limited number of Northwood campsites can handle a maximum of 28 foot campers or RVs.

Q - What kind of handicap facilities will you be providing?
A - There will be a designated parking/camping area for people with special accessibility needs. You must have an official handicapped parking placard or plate for your vehicle if you need to use this area. Make arrangements when you order your tickets. There will also be accessible restroom facilities. There are no stairs or other barriers to entering the concert grounds, so they will be entirely accessible. There will be a wheelchair accessible space inside the concert area where handicapped are allowed to enter one-half hour earlier then general admission.

Q - What will we be allowed to bring into the campgrounds?
- You can bring your own food and beverage into the campground areas. No Kegs please. Fires must be modest and in small grills. If you wish to have a campfire, please ask someone at the campground booth as you enter as some restrictions may apply.

Q - Are we allowed to bring gas-powered generators?
- Yes. Please inform campground employees, as you enter a campground, that you plan to use your gas-powered generator.

Q - Will there be any electricity in the camping area?
A- Electrical permits are very limited and available in the following campgrounds: Lake Sallie, Northwoods, Accessible, Blue Ox, and VIP. These permits sell out quickly and require the vehicle pass, and per person camping.

Q - Is there cell phone service available at Soo Pass Ranch?
A - Sprint has a repeater tower on-site for better cell phone reception. However, reception is still limited in some areas.

Q - Why do I need a vehicle permit to camp?
A - Minnesota State Law limits the number of total vehicles that can be in any of the Soo Pass Ranch campgrounds. A vehicle permit is required for each "steering wheel" that enters a campground. Large buses, large RV's or semis that exceed 40 feet in legnth will require a "Large Vehicle Permit" because of the additional space those vehicles require.


Q - What can I bring into the show?
A - Lawn chairs (for the grass area), empty water bottles, empty camelbacks. All entries will need to go through physical search for unsafe items or items not allowed.

Q - Will we be allowed to leave the show and come back?
A - Yes, you will have a wristband that must be worn all weekend. We are not responsible for lost or stolen wristbands. You will be subject to gate searches each time you re-enter the concert bowl.
Q - Will cameras be allowed in the concert (venue) area?>
A - Small or Disposable cameras will be allowed in the venue area. Professional cameras and video cameras will NOT be allowed.
Q - Will chairs be allowed in the concert area?
A - Beach chairs will NOT be allowed into the concert venue. Please bring lawn chairs only.


Q - Can I bring my kids? Do they have to pay?
A - Children 7 and older will be required to have a ticket for music and camping, all children in the reserved seating or VIP area will require their own seats. HOWEVER, we do not recommend that you bring your children. WE Fest was designed as an adult event.

Q - When will the tickets be sent out?
A - All tickets will be shipped within 30 days of the event, we will start mailing tickets out during the end of June - first week of July.
Q - Can you tell me where I can check the status of my ticket, how can I change the mailing address etc…..?>
A - Contact the place you ordered your tickets. Any changes in addresses need to be submitted in writing by the person who placed the order.


Q - What is the security going to be like at WE Fest?
A - Event security & mounted horse patrol will be located throughout the site for the entire duration of the event. If you have an EMERGENCY, find a staff person with a radio, go to an information tent, medical tent, or tell one of the mounted security personnel.

Camping Info

Camping is a major part of the WE Fest experience. In addition to 24-hour medical and security services, trash and recycling is collected daily, fresh water is provided, and RV water filling and pumping services are available by request while onsite, for a fee, from a third party service. The campgrounds are clean and well lit, and five of the campgrounds have shower houses, which are open to all campers.

Camping at WE Fest - the complete WE Fest experience...

WE Fest campers come in all ages and styles, from college kids in pup tents, to retirees in Air Stream trailers. Their shared love of country music generally allows for peaceful coexistence among the diversity of people in the campgrounds, but occasionally a problem arises between those who wish to go to sleep after the show, and those who would like to prolong the party. While all campgrounds have a 2:00 am noise curfew, some campgrounds are more active than others after that hour. Please take some time to read all of the campground descriptions, and select that campground that best matches your lifestyle.

Different campgrounds for different lifestyles

Over the years we've learned that some people like to party a little in the campgrounds, some people like to party a lot, and some people just want to get a good night's sleep. So we've set up a system that sorts people out so everyone gets what they want. First, we've designated Lake Sallie and Northwoods as family campgrounds, with strictly enforced noise curfews. If you like to get some shuteye, try to get a permit in those campgrounds. We've also made age recommendations for the other campgrounds, on the theory that the younger you are, the later you like to stay up. To select the campground that fits your lifestyle, whatever your age, scroll down and select an individual campground to review its description. Excessive noise is never allowed in any campground, particularly after 2:00 am.

Vehicle Permits for the Campgrounds

Minnesota State Law limits the number of total vehicles that can be in any of the Soo Pass Ranch campgrounds. A vehicle permit is required for each "steering wheel" that enters a campground. Large buses/RV's or semi's that exceed 40 feet in length will require extra cost (a large vehicle permit) because of the larger space they use.

Helpful Hints

We always like to remind you that if you want to camp with friends or family, and you're traveling in seperate vehicles, you should plan to arrive together. Campers are guided to the next available campsite, and there is no way to "save" a campsite.

Campground Contest

The 2010 camping contest theme is America's Best - Miller Lite and Froggy 99.9 are teaming up once again to host the campground contest. What two better examples than country music and Miller Beer! Don't forget the Miller Lite campground cooler checks! This year you could end up with a stage seat for the next show!

Over the years we have found that some people like to sleep right after the show and others like to stay up a while longer with their friends. To avoid problems, we have designated certain campgrounds Family Campgrounds, with stricter noise curfews. Please read the campground descriptions below carefully, and choose the appropriate campground for your life-style, and age group. Most of the campgrounds sell out in advance, so be sure to order early for the campground of your choice. Camping is sold per person and per vehicle (every steer wheel entering the campground, and every person.


 All Ages 

  • Accessible - The Accessible campground is located on the west side of the site, at the entrance to the Northwoods campground. You must have a state-issued Accessible sticker and an Accessible camping permit to camp in this area. This campground also has strictly enforced noise and traffic. There are a limited number of permits available.

 30 & Over / Family Campgrounds 

  • VIP - Order soon, it sells out early! It is located directly behind the stage. VIP Campground has a shower house and easy access to the concert site.

  • Northwoods - Northwoods is also designated a "FAMILY" campground, with a strict noise curfew. Due to the rolling hills and woods it is only suitable for units less than 28 feet long. There are a limited number of campsites available that will accomodate this length at this campground, the majority of campsites are limited to 20 feet in legnth. Be sure to bring leveling blocks. Northwoods campground also has a shower house and easy access to the concert site.

  • Lake Sallie - Lake Sallie is designated a "FAMILY" campground, with a strict noise curfew. People here want to get some sleep after the show. Lake Sallie campground has a shower house and easy access to the concert site.

 Ages 25 to 30 

  • WoodChuck - info coming soon...

  • Valley - info coming soon...

  • Oatfield - Located on the northeast side of the site, Oatfield is reached through the pedestrian underpass on County Rd 22, it is within walking distance of the concert site, and is suitable for any camping unit. The Oatfield campground has a portable shower house, and is home to a mixture of younger and older campers who like to get some sleep in the wee hours.

  • Blue Ox - Located very close to admission gates on the east side, with a shower house. This campground always sells out FAST.

 Under 25 

  • Viking - The Viking Campground is located southeast of the concert site and is reached through the County Rd 22 pedestrian underpass. The Viking campground is generally groups of young people, and it is quite active after the show. It has a shower house and is able to handle any type of camping unit.

  • Eagle / Hilltop - Eagle is situated on rolling meadows southeast of Viking campground, it is a half-mile from the concert site, and is serviced by shuttle buses. Hilltop is located on top of a hill, southeast of the concert site. Both of these campgrounds are home to groups of younger campers, who don't mind the walk or the late hours. These campgrounds have portable houses. If you are under the age of 21, camp in Eagle/Hilltop.

                Eagle and Hilltop campground permits are sold seperately.

About Us

Festival And Concert Events, Inc. is the successor of WE Fest, Inc., which has been producing concerts and festivals at the Soo Pass Ranch, and other venues, for over two decades. Founded in 1983 by Jeff Krueger, WE Fest, Inc. was a vehicle for the development the WE Fest, a country music and camping festival. Krueger was joined by Rand Levy and Chyrll Sparks in 1985. In 2010, Rand Levy became the sole owner.

Since it's inception in 1983, the WE Fest has been one of the leading country music festivals in the nation. Twice nominated for the Country Music Association's prestigious Best Special Event award, the WE Fest is widely regarded as one of the most outstanding events of its kind in the nation.

FACE, Inc. has been involved in in other endeavors, including single day concerts and other festivals ranging from Spirit Fest Midwest (a Christian music festival), Mud, Rock and Fire (a giant truck race and rock concert), Freedom Fest, 10,000 Lakes Festival and more.

In addition to presenting a wide range of entertainment at the Soo Pass Ranch, the company occasionally promotes events in Fargo\Moorhead and the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota.

FACE Inc. also presents free-standing concerts in its home venue, as well as other locations including the Xcel Center in St. Paul, Minnesota, Holmes Historic Theater in Detroit Lakes, and the Civic Auditorium in Fargo, North Dakota.

FACE, Inc. offices are located on the Scenic Soo Pass Ranch, which also contains a natural amphitheater that accommodates up to 50,000 people, including 7,000 reserved seats, and 10 separate campgrounds with a total camping capacity of 35,000 people. FACE, Inc. employs a year-round staff of professional sales, marketing and administrative staff.

Fully developed as a concert venue, the Soo Pass Ranch has a permanent stage and backstage compound, including air-conditioned dressing rooms with running water, catering and production facilities, including permanent sound towers and mix station. The concert bowl also contains 50 permanent concession stands, and locations for dozens of additional portable concessions. The company has invested heavily in developing the concert site, including bringing city sewer and water lines to the ranch, which allows for running water, and permanent rest rooms in the concert bowl.

Situated on the shores of Lake Sallie, and in the meadows and woods surrounding the concert bowl, the Soo Pass Ranch campgrounds are easily accessed through pedestrian underpasses beneath the two highways that flank the concert bowl. The campgrounds are well groomed, with lighting and permanent shower houses. There are multiple lane entrances to each campground, which allows for faster ingress for camping vehicles at major events. The Soo Pass Ranch boosts over 9,000 campsites.

The Soo Pass Ranch is available for rentals for everything from weddings, to major concert events. Please contact us for additional rental information.


FACE, Inc. Ticket Office

Hours: 9:00AM - 4:00PM
Phone: 800-493-3378
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Mailing Address:
PO Box 625
Detroit Lakes, MN 56502


FACE, Inc. Employment Office

Hours: 9:00AM - 4:00PM
Tuesday thru Thursday
Phone: 218-846-1990


FACE, Inc. Corporate Office

Hours: 9:00AM - 5:00PM
Phone: 218-847-1681

General Questions/Comments:
Chrissy Carlson - Administrative Assistant and Artist Contact

Business to Business & Contracts:
Phyllis Johnson

Corporate Mailing Address:
PO Box 1227
Detroit Lakes, MN 56502

UPS/FedEx Shipping Address:
25526 County Hwy 22
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Administrative & Ticket Office Contacts

David Larson
Sales and Promotions Director

Bob Bliss
Event Operations & Media Director

Phyllis Johnson
Sponsor Sales Manager and Vendor Contact

Bev Olander
Onsite Artist Settlement, Office Coordinator and Merchandise Shipments

Lacey Koby
Graphic Designer and Artist Relations

Amy King
Call the Ticket Office - 1-800-493-3378
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Ticket Office Manager

Gabe Frobenius
Photography Director, Webmaster and
Online Ticket Store Administrator

Chrissy Carlson
Administrative Assistant and Artist Contact

Rand Levy

WE B Green


Soo Pass Ranch WE B Green Special Event Recycling Program

We want future generations of WE Fest'ers to enjoy the same beautiful lakes, woods and prairies that make the Soo Pass Ranch special, so we are asking you to help us save the planet-one recyclable at a time.

WE B Green is an audience friendly recycling program aimed at reducing the amount of landfill waste generated by events at the Soo Pass Ranch, through increased recycling.

Join our WE B Green Team and See WE Fest For FREE: August 1 - August 4, 2012.

Do you really want to enjoy the festival camping experience, like to get to know your neighbors, want to see the music and help save the planet? Join or organize a WE B Green team for the week consisting of 14 responsible individuals, also known as a group of friends that enjoy hanging out and working together. The goal of the team is to have FUN, while helping other people properly dispose of their waste at WE Fest. Your team would be assigned a specific campground where you would meet and greet your fellow campers by walking around and identifying campsites that need help setting up recycling stations AND rewarding the campsites that are doing a good job with a chance to Win VIP Tickets to next years WE Fest.

All Volunteers receive camping permits, concert tickets, and WE B Green t-shirts in exchange for helping us. Plus you arrive Tuesday before the festival so you can get your campsite set-up early. If you would like to volunteer or for more information, please e-mail your full name, address, phone number and email address to David Larson at or call 218-234-6253.

The WE B Green program
The long term goal of the WE B Green Special Event Recycling Program is to achieve a recycling rate of 50%, and to replicate these efforts at special events statewide. Toward that end, FACE Inc., with funding from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, has developed a WE B Green instructional DVD, with companion handbook, that will be distributed free of charge to other special events. Material for the DVD was filmed at the Soo Pass Ranch, focusing on advanced planning, building and operating campground recycling stations, as well as stage announcements and audience education. For additional information, or to request a WE B Green Special Event Recycling DVD and Handbook, please send your request to WE B Green, FACE Inc., P.O. Box 1227, Detroit Lakes, MN 56501. or CONTACT David Larson FACE, Inc. 218-847-1691

Being green means you reduce the amount of packaging and items you bring to the festival. Pack reusable dishes, cups and silverware instead of plastic and styrofoam items. When purchasing items make sure they are in recyclable packaging. Recycle all aluminum, plastic, glass, metal, cardboard, paper and food waste you can.

Help us keep clean by depositing you're recycling at one of our We B Green recycling stations, bring FOOD WASTE to the We B Green Stations and we will compost it.

Curbside Pick-Up
You can just leave the bags on the curb when they are filled and our curbside pick-up team will remove them or you can take the bags to a recycling station and receive We B Green Bucks for a chance to Win Tickets to next year's show.

Concert Bowl Recycling
When in the Concert Bowl look for We B Green Stations to bring your Plastic Bottles and Aluminum cans to. Help us reduce the amount of Trash from the plastic cups by purchasing a reusable Mug and using it all weekend.

We B Green VIP Ticket Drawing - It takes all of us to make a difference. When you recycle and keep your campsite clean WE B Green Volunteers will reward you with a chance to WIN VIP TICKETS or General Admission Tickets to next year's Festival. Earn chances to enter and WIN by impressing our Campground Volunteers with the cleanliness of your campground and use of re-usable products. Earn chances to enter and WIN by taking your Recyclables and Compostable Food items to a Recycling Station. Purchase a reusable mug and earn more chances to register for valuable prizes to be given away throughout the event. You could win 6 VIP tickets to next year's show.

Less Trash makes for a better planet, and every time you recycle you're a winner. Together we can make a difference.

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